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About Me

I was raised in Southern California by my beautiful Mother who filled my childhood with awesome hiking trips, camping adventures, festivals and visits to museums. She loved to take pictures and always encouraged me to do the same. My passion for photography quickly spread to a love for all art forms, but nothing makes me happier than having a camera in my hands.

At 19, I started working in the music festival industry, producing the backstage artist areas and working with thousands of the top touring bands. This has given me a comprehensive knowledge of social media, marketing and content strategy. In my young adult years, I was able to travel to some of the worlds most beautiful places. Through travel, my eyes have opened to many different  styles of fashion, foods, architecture and cultures. I have worked as a professional chef, create & sell a jewelry line and love just about anything creative to make the world a more beautiful place. My love for the world calls me to photograph every special moment and I love to share those moments with you.

Currently based on the GC, Australia.

Organiser of GC Photog Collab


Creative Director for Industry Space

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